Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Earthquake - A Very Scary Experience

I had just got into bed when... “VIOLA! Wake up there’s an earthquake!” my dad said shaking me awake.

I didn’t know why but they took me and Julie outside and dad said that we had just had an earthquake and our table is too small for us all to fit under plus our house stands on poles and if those poles fall the house falls with it, so we had to go outside.

When we came back in I was so, so, so tired, that I nearly fell asleep on the couch and we were all so scared!

After a while there were a few aftershocks. There was one huge one that I was so sacred because it was really big and I thought it was another earthquake. Our neighbour Janice had come to check on us, which was really kind of her, plus a lot of friends texted my parents to see if we were safe.

After what felt like an hour I looked at the time and it was 1.00am in the morning! I couldn’t believe it, because I thought we had been awake all night. Then mum told me that we had woken up at midnight, so then it all made sense, though I still thought we had been awake all night so I checked the time again. There were a few aftershocks, so I did what we were taught at school and dropped, covered my head and held onto the leg of a table.

My dad told me to go to bed, but straight away when I had got under the blankets there was a humongous aftershock. My parents called to me and I got straight away out of bed and went again into the living room. After what felt like years, I felt fully awake. There had been several aftershocks, though they were quite small. My mum put Julie (my little sister) to bed and me and dad stayed in the living room. Dad made me a hot drink which was mint tea. I didn’t drink all of it though, so dad drank the rest for me, then I went back to bed . My mum and dad came and said good night, then I tried to go to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning my mum was answering texts from Italy since everyone was worried about us. I had breakfast and got ready to go to school.

When we arrived at school no one was there, so mum parked the car and called the school to ask if it was closed and it was so we went to the supermarket to buy some groceries and then we went back home. That's when I read the two emails that Mrs Ives sent me. She told me that there was no school today and that I could do some of my school work online today and that's when the aftershocks started again... though just four of them this time!

It was a very scary experience and that's the third major disaster in my life.
By Viola 

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