Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Earthquake and Tsunami Learning = REAL

After 4 weeks of studying about natural hazards and how to prepare for them through the LEARNZ programme "Whats' the Plan Stan?', Room 2 students found themselves experiencing the REAL thing early hours of Monday morning.

School was closed on Monday as buildings waited to be checked for damage. The community experienced many large aftershocks and there was a Tsunami alert for the Marlborough Sounds that remained in place until Monday evening. Students who wanted to were able to carry on their learning online. Some children chose to recount the event and others wrote about the fun they had the day they didn't have to go to school!

Most students returned to school on Tuesday and shared their experiences. Many children said that they slept through the big 7.8 earthquake, until their parents woke them. Some got to sleep in the 'big' bed and all said that they remembered to 'Drop, Cover and Hold'.

One child spent 15 hours on board a ferry from Wellington that had to remain anchored offshore, when a tsunami alert was triggered. It was pretty frightening, especially when they heard that a Tsunami alert had been issued. The best part was that they all got free hot chocolate and a free breakfast! Only just the previous week we had walked as a class to the top of a big hill overlooking  Picton, to prepare for a Tsunami if it happened while we were at school. Experiencing an earthquake and then a Tsunami alert was a terrifying experience for all, but the children spoke bravely about it.
Staying safe from a Tsunami in Picton
In class , late on Tuesday afternoon , we were hit again by a  5.7 quake centred  20km off Seddon. The children didn't even need to be told, as the whole class were under and secure ( Drop, cover and hold) in  seconds! It was sweet to hear them all checking on each other. "Are you safe?" "Are you okay?"
Trying to imagine how high the water would come
Reaching a safe elevation from a Tsunami in Picton
One of the actions that came out of the LEARNZ unit and in particular by listening to another school through the audioconference, was to bring an emergency lunchbox pack to school. Many families in the class have opted to do this and if it is not required by the end of the year, we will celebrate by eating the contents. I have encouraged the parents to add a little treat....chocolate bar, lolly pop etc. to brighten their day and as a reward for their courage.
Preparing a student Emergency Lunch box

Using Talking chips to talk about items in their emergency lunchbox

Teacher gives every child an item for their emergency lunch box for being so brave!
We played some fun games today and made each other laugh a lot. It is good to be back amongst friends, safe and sound in Picton.

Pulling weird faces to make each other laugh after the earthquake.

Stand up- hand up - pair talk about their earthquake experience

Using Rally Robins to talk about how to prepare for an earthquake

Kia kaha Room 2!

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Andrew Penny said...

Wow Room 2, so glad your learning on the field trip helped. Stay safe! Andrew