Monday, September 19, 2016

Ping Pong Balls and Rice Bubbles Explode

What fun we had today when we tried a few more experiments in relation to our Energy topic around harnessing the wind.

Today we carried out two experiments. The first experiment we put a ping pong ball in a plastic cup and blew across the top of the cup. we made predictions as to what would happen. Some people blew down instead of across the cup, so we got a few different results. Some of us observed the ball lifting up and some of us saw it going around and around in the cup. The air we blew was hitting the sides of the cup and creating lift.

It was so funny when we repeated this experiment using rice bubbles. Some people blew too hard and they flew right out of the cup. If you blew across the top of the cup, the rice bubbles rotates up and down, almost floating in the cup. We all had so much fun!

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