Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fun Lines of Symmetry

Today we had some fun using mirrors to help us to determine how many lines of symmetry there were in some shapes. After that we tried to draw the other side to a shape to make it symmetrical. It was trickier than we first thought, to get it perfect.


Anonymous said...

Finding the lines of Symmetry was really fun and it was funny when we did the person on the chair because it looked like he had four legs.

Anonymous said...

I think symetry is fun
By Kingston

Anonymous said...

We liked using the mirrors to turn pictures into different images. When we did it with the man on the chair it was hard to find the line of symmetry. We enjoyed finding the lines of symmetry on all the images.

From Ben and Dylan.

Anonymous said...

It is fun when we do the fun lines of symmetry.

From Aki, Seth and Hugh