Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Importance of Rules

This morning we worked in small groups to create our own game using only paper and dice. We had to establish some rules for our game and be able to explain to explain to the class how to play it. We found we had some common rules:

  • play fair
  • respect the equipment
  • co-operate with one another
  • take on a role
  • listen to each other.
Mrs Ives thought our ideas for our games were fantastic. We will revisit our ideas to build our games later this year.

We also compared these rules to the kind of rules we think are important for our classroom.
We came up with the following A1 Standards:
  • Talk quietly in class
  • Listen to one person speaking at a time.
  • Walk around the classroom.
  • Put our hand up when asking a question.
  • Look and pay attention to the person who is speaking

  • We show respect for ourselves and others and always do our personal best!

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