Thursday, November 14, 2013

Foreshore Photo Challenge

Today we took the cameras and headed to the foreshore. Mrs Ives had all sorts of challenges for us and we had to photo our group's evidence that we had completed the challenge. Some of the challenges involved building things, finding things, and we even had to show off our skills and talents as a group. The sun shone brightly and it was a fabulous day. Lots of points were awarded from the teachers and parents for co-operation, skills and behaviour.

Here are the points as at the end of the day four.

1st Superstars                   669.75
2nd Pirates                       668.75
3rd J-Squad                     659.75
4th Storm                         639.75
5th Dragons                     629.75

The points are very close, next to nothing in it. With one more day of challenges left, we wonder who will take out the overall placing??

Tomorrow's challenges include:
Egg Drop

Good Luck Everyone!

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