Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Combined Ukelele Session

Today we had a fabulous ukelele session with Mr and Mrs Maslen and the children from Linkwater School.

We all got together and played ukelele songs that we had been learning throughout the year. The cool thing was that both schools knew most of the songs. We also had a go at some new songs.

Mr Maslen bought along his big drum and he even let Toby have a go on his flash ukelele. Mrs Maslen spoilt us with the beautiful tones of her acordian  and Mr Maslen played " The Rose" on his recorder.Some children got to sing into the microphone and they sounded like real PROS! Tom from Linkwater School was amazing at singing "Count On Me". Watch out Bruno Mars. We all enjoyed the Locomotion song and it was especially fun singing, dancing and playing to the Y.M.C.A.

Thank you Mrs Maslen for spoiling us with your songs, playing and..... the ICEBLOCKS!

We loved having Linkwater School in our classroom. We thought their ukelele skills were amazing.We sure hope they will come back next year! Thanks for coming!

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