Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Challenge Week

Room 1 & 2 have combined together this week for a Challenge week, while the rest of the Year 5/6 children are away at camp.

We had to form groups and use each others strengths to win challenges. The challenges are reading, writing, maths, oral language, music and physical challenges.

We had to make up our own group banners, shields, and group chants. When we are about to take on another group challenge we chant our chants.

The Pirates gained the most points on Monday, so they were allowed to make an Obstacle course for today's challenge.

Here are today's results for the Obstacle Course:
Superstars 1.16.56
J Squad 1.15.36
Dragons 1.30.56
Storm 1.23.80
Pirates 1.22.94

J Squad have won the Obstacle course challenge today and are allowed to add 50 points to their total score.

The groups are working well today in the Writing challenge. The writing challenge is to take a traditional fairytale and take it into the future, changing the characters but leaving the main gist of the story so that people can still relate it to the traditional. Good luck everyone!

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